June  2013
穿梭虛擬世界的遊戲少年: 他/她們的社會資本之累積與轉換
Accumulation and Exchange of Social Capital: Teenage Gamers among Their Families, School, and Game World
作者(中) 張玉佩
作者(英) Yu Pei Chang
關鍵詞(中) 少年、民族誌研究、社會資本、社會網絡、線上遊戲
關鍵詞(英) youth gamer, ethnography, social capital, social network, online game
中文摘要 本文以「社會資本」為核心概念,運用其所屬之「網絡」、「規範」與「資源」概念為分析架構,串連少年玩家在家庭、學校與線上遊戲等三個場域間的資源分配、累積與轉換。研究採取民族誌田野研究方法,進入國小,實地觀察與訪談教師與重度玩家。研究發現,現實資源與虛擬資源透過線上遊戲的仲介而存在轉換關係;家庭社會資本稀少的弱勢玩家,為享受同儕玩伴的情感支持,會策略性地透過資源轉換,以獲取遊戲網絡所需的虛擬資源。
英文摘要 The game generation is growing rapidly, and digital-age native gamers use online games as a social forum. Social capital is the key concept of this article for exploring the accumulation and exchange of resources among gamers’ families, schools, and game worlds. To understand youth networks in online and offline social contexts, I adopt ethnography, field observation, and interviews of sixth grade elementary school students as my research methods. Overall, the findings of this study sketch a lively image of youth gamers who exchanged their resources, based on their original social capital, between the real world and the virtual world.
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