June  2017
新聞人員對媒體角色認知的變遷與 第三人效果
Changes in Media Role Perception and the Third-Person Effect
作者(中) 劉蕙苓、羅文輝
作者(英) Huei-Ling Liu & Ven-Hwei Lo
關鍵詞(中) :第三人效果、媒體角色、媒體匯流、新聞人員、預設影響的影響
中文摘要 本研究目的在分析新聞人員對媒體角色的認知,並從第三人效
果「預設影響的影響」角度探討影響新聞人員對媒體角色認知的因素。本研究比較 2014 年與 2004 年之調查資料,結果發現:「資訊散布」與「解釋監督」是新聞工作者認為最重要的媒體角色,「對立」角色的重要性在 2014 年明顯增加。此外,本研究發現,新聞人員認為新聞報導對一般人的影響越大,越傾向於認為「資訊散布」、「解釋監督」、「娛樂文化」與「公眾參與」是重要的媒體角色。
英文摘要 Journalists’ perception of the role the news media play in society has been central to the study of journalism and journalistic practices. Using two national surveys of working journalists in Taiwan in 2004 and 2014, this study examined the relationship between journalists’ perceptions
of the media’s role and the influence of the news. The results revealed that in both surveys, two media roles, namely information dissemination and interpretation, were perceived as important by most journalists in Taiwan. In addition, the present findings demonstrated that the respondents considered other people to be more influenced by the news than themselves. Notably, the perceived effect on others was a significant and positive predictor of the journalists’ perceptions of the importance of the media’s role. Moreover, these results validated the applicability of the third-person effect hypothesis in media role perceptions. The implications for the media’s role in journalism and the third-person effect are discussed.
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