June  2017
移住者媒體的社會行動: 南韓「移住者世界電視」 發展歷程之考察
Social Actions of Migrant Media: The Case Study on Migrant World Television in South Korea
作者(中) 陳春富
作者(英) Chun-Fu Chen
關鍵詞(中) 行動主義、南韓、移住者世界電視、移住者媒體、跨國移住者
關鍵詞(英) activism, South Korea, Migrant World Television, migrant media, transnational migrant
中文摘要 本研究以南韓「移住者世界電視」為觀察個案,探討國際人口
英文摘要 The present study investigated the role Migrant World Television in South Korea plays in the development of a multicultural society formed due to international migration, as well as the media’s underlying meanings. Based on diachronic data obtained from interviews and observations, this study demonstrated that Migrant World Television is a connecting link between communities of transnational migrants and civil societies in South Korea and has initiated a form of active media participation and social engagement for transnational migrants in the last decade. Through the empowerment of grass-roots migrant media, transnational migrants of various backgrounds have gained access to channels that allow their voices to be heard, enable the consolidation of social reform dynamics through mutual alliances, and facilitate active engagement in the process of social transformation in South Korea.
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