June  2017
文化消費指南: 1980 年代的《民生報》
A Guide to Cultural Consumption: Case Study of 1980’s Min Sheng Daily
作者(中) 黃順星
作者(英) Shun-Shing Huang
關鍵詞(中) 文化中介者、文化消費、消費社會、通俗報紙
關鍵詞(英) intermediary, cultural consumption, consumer society, popular newspaper
中文摘要 本文藉由消費社會的論述,說明 1978 年改名重新發行的《民生報》,反映了台灣從生產社會過渡到消費社會的轉型過程。研究分析《民生報》的專欄與報導:如何想像與建構台灣消費社會的樣貌;如何以文化中介者的角色,利用文化消費指南、流行歌曲排行榜等專欄,向大眾引介、傳遞消費與流行資訊。透過《民生報》的轉介中譯,不但使消費擺脫負面評價,更促使消費文化的普及,並引導消費者從事更具中產階級品味的文化消費活動。
英文摘要 Drawing on consumer culture theory, this paper argues that the retitling of the Ming Sheng Daily 1978 reflected the cultural transformation of Taiwanese society from industrial- to consumer-based. Editorials and news stories from the Ming Sheng Daily were analyzed to investigate the following aspects: how articles conceptualized and developed a consumer society in Taiwan, and how the Ming Sheng Daily -- as a culture intermediary -- introduced and propagated consumer information and fashion trends to its audience through a culture-consuming index and pop charts. This paper concludes that the Ming Sheng Daily mediated the destigmatization of consumption and popularized consumer culture. Furthermore, the Ming Sheng Daily was discovered to encourage its readers to participate in more middlebrow activities.
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