December  2016
食品安全事件的風險建構與溝通: 新聞媒體VS. 政府
Risk Construction and Communication of Food Safety Issues: A Comparison of News Media and Governments
作者(中) 邱玉蟬、游絲涵
作者(英) Yu-Chan Chiu & Ssu-Han Yu
關鍵詞(中) 政府新聞稿、風險建構、風險溝通、食品安全、健康風險、新 聞報導 DOI: 10.6195/cjcr.2016.30.06 *
關鍵詞(英) government press release, risk construction, risk communication, food safety, health risk, news coverage
中文摘要 風險事件發生時,媒體與政府扮演傳遞訊息的重要角色。本研
英文摘要 During food safety crises, news media and governments play key roles in disseminating risk information. By adopting the methodology of discourse analysis, this study examines how four major newspapers in Taiwan and the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) constructed and communicated health risks during two food safety crises involving starch and cooking oil. This study found that experts quoted in news coverage emphasized long-term risks, whereas government officials highlighted immediate risks. In addition, experts used metaphors and provided examples to illustrate the risks, whereas government officials based their risk discourse on laws. These contrasting approaches might be due to the differences in the perspectives on risk assessment or the differences in the nature of news reports and government press releases. When comparing risk discourse in news coverage to the TFDA’s press releases, much common ground can be found; however, this study discovered that the latter included more expressions indicating uncertainty. Experts’ “high risk” language and officials’ legal discourse might not sufficiently assist the public in responding to food safety issues.
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