June  2011
Research on Aging Communication: A 10-Year Review
作者(中) 蔡琰、臧國仁
作者(英) Yean Tsai & Kuo-Jen Tsang
關鍵詞(中) 老人、傳播、敘事、生命故事
關鍵詞(英) aging, communication, narrative, life stories
中文摘要 「老人傳播研究群」是國內迄今唯一以「老人」為研究對象之傳播研究團隊,成立已有十年以上,但其研究旨趣幾經調整,早期對「新聞美學」曾多討探究,而後討論「情感」、「時間」、「故事」與新聞報導之關連,延至2004 年方以「老人傳播」為核心議題。近些年來,研究群專注於「傳播」與「敘事」(含「老人敘事」)之交集,次第開發較新研究主題,尤其關注「生命故事」之述說及其與大眾傳播之連結,研究「本體論」、「知識論」、「方法論」因而也漸轉向「敘事典範」,乃國內(以及華人)傳播社區別有特色之研究團隊。
英文摘要 The research team of “aging communication” is probably the only such group currently examining the subject of “gerontology and communication” in Taiwan. The team was originally formed, however, to study “news aesthetics” in the late 1990s, with “affects” and “temporality” being the two major elements then. Starting in 2004, the team was renamed to its current title with the purpose of focusing on how “narrative” works in the process of communication with the elders. With the total members having accumulated to approximately 50, the group has reoriented research interests towards the so-called “narrative paradigm,” thus gradually bringing a different ontology, epistemology, and methodology to its research visions.
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