December  2014
新聞記者的想像思維: 再論想像與新聞報導的關聯
Connections between Journalists’ Imagination and News Reporting and Writing
作者(中) 蔡琰、臧國仁
作者(英) Yean Tsai & Kuo-Jen Tsang
關鍵詞(中) 新聞、想像、記者、寫作
關鍵詞(英) news, imagination, reporter, writing
中文摘要 本文討論記者如何運用想像思維完成寫作,認為新聞從業人員的「想像力」非如文學領域所論之「自由幻想」,而是依知性經驗的想像思維運作,並按客觀事物反映的形象根據一定方式加工、改造進而建立新形象。
本文隨即選取2011 年7 月挪威極右派分子殺戮76 名無辜青少年的國際新聞為案例,發現連續3 天均出現了撰述者運用想像加工事實之線索。繼而根據17 份由記者回填之問卷發現「預期想像」輔助記者提出好的採訪問題,而「再造想像」則是最常運用的寫作思維。
英文摘要 Imagination is defined in this paper as a type of mental ability that helps people to infer facts during the processes of reasoning. Although not
directly demonstrated in most straight news stories, such mental processes theoretically play a critical role in reconstructing reality in a reporter’s daily professional routine.
This study examined and analyzed a mass-murder in Norway that occurred on July 23, 2011, to explore how imagination may be applied to news writing for increasing the readability of news stories. Seventeen Taiwanese reporters were surveyed to associate theory and practice and to determine whether they perceive imagination as applicable to their news writing.
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