December  2014
視覺性的超越與語藝的複訪:   數位時代視覺語藝的初探性研究
Beyond the Visuality and Revisit of Rhetoric: A Preliminary Study on Visual Rhetoric in the Digital Age
作者(中) 邱誌勇
作者(英) Chih-Yung Chiu
關鍵詞(中) 數位、視覺性、視覺語藝、軟體
關鍵詞(英) digital, visuality, visual rhetoric, software *
中文摘要 在數位時代中,視覺圖像與動態影像已產生明顯的質變,傳統符號學式分析取徑中強調的形式元素,已逐漸被更具抽象性的邏輯與資訊結構取代,藉由演算法運算與視覺化呈現來服膺社會的慣習。本文試圖將視覺語藝的論述焦點置放於數位時代中探究其本質與意義,並認為數位時代視覺語藝的本質不再僅是關乎勸服與言說策略的組構關係,人們在接收到數位視覺圖像之際,如何解構數位視覺圖像背後數據與軟體之規律與模式,才是關鍵命題。
英文摘要 In the age of digital distribution, visual graphics and moving images have generated significant change ontologically. Traditional semiotic approach that emphasizes on analyzing symbolic elements has gradually been replaced by an abstract quality of mathematical logic and information architecture that can make a fluid transition between different states of materiality. Through the process of algorithmic computing, symbolic codes are generated to be recognizable symbols, signs, or images based on
traditional conventions. To the extent, this research attempts to place visual rhetoric into the digital era in order to explore the essence and significance of digital visual rhetoric. The research claims that the key element in
mapping and our understanding for the spectator to perceive the digital visual image is to comprehend that the underlying concept and structure of those visualization projects are the archive and database, rather than just a fabric relationship between persuasive and speech strategies.
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