December  2014
Social Movement Actors and Rhetorical Choices in the Internet Age
作者(中) 林靜伶
作者(英) Jing-Ling Lin
關鍵詞(中) 社運行動者、社運說服功能、社會運動語藝、語藝選擇、網路時代
關鍵詞(英) social movement actors, persuasive functions of social movement, social movement rhetoric, rhetorical choices, Internet age
中文摘要 網路時代的社會運動在動員上展現瞬間匯聚人潮的效力,但也面對人潮瞬間消逝的考驗。如何界定社運行動者與如何針對網路行動者特性採取適當的語藝策略,成為網路時代社會運動的新考驗。本文從相關理論文獻與個案的對話,提出網路時代四圈社會運動行動者的圖像,以第一圈為承諾度最高的內圈,向外圈擴散。其中第四圈尤其反映網路時代社運行動者自主性、個體性、隱匿、旁觀等特性。本文進一步建議與四圈行動者對應的語藝選擇與媒介使用。
英文摘要 Social movements in the Internet age can achieve maximum mobilization effect in a short time, which may, however, soon evaporate. In response to the changing landscape, research on social movements needs to re-conceptualize actors and to examine corresponding rhetorical strategies.
With reference to relevant literature and social movement cases, this study proposes four rings of actors, extending from actors with the highest
commitment in the center to actors on the periphery. This paper contends that the actors of the fourth ring (i.e., those occupying the outlying ring) can be characterized by autonomy, individuation, anonymity, and lurking behaviors; they most epitomize the nature of social movement actors in the Internet age. This paper proceeds to propose rhetorical choices and media
use catering to actors of the four rings.
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